Friday, July 1, 2011

The Mabuses - The Mabuses (1991)

Wonderful little-known gem released stateside on the usually-interesting (sometimes quite amazing) Shimmy Disc label, and in the UK on Rough Trade (same words apply here too). With some trepidation one might call it well-produced psychedelic pop with an early-90's bent, but these are meticulously crafted songs with a hyperactive melodic sense and strange, evocative lyrics (sometimes warbled slightly out of the realms of my perception, making them that much more compelling) that really do seem to exist in a place all their own. In fact, the only other record I could compare it to would be the excellent Fahy-Harley-Kramer one-off Egomaniacs, an album whose songs would also seem primarily penned by Mabuses songwriter Kim Fahy and which I'll also try to rip eventually.

According to Wikipedia there's one more album from the early 90's as well as a 2007 effort, which I'm definitely going to make an effort to hear in the future.