Tuesday, October 22, 2013

EX- - Stop/Don't EP

Very cool and nearly unknown 1982 collab between Gong-meister Daevid Allen and fellow Australian composer and improviser David Tolley. The music is a queasy meeting of post-punk, sequencer-hewn electropop and stream-of-consciousness lyrics exposing the absurd and grotesque elements of the everyday. Small shame about some scratches audible for the first minute, but this is apparently limited to 3000 copies, and definitely worth a share.

Somehow, I managed to lose the fist track. I'll try to rip it again soon, but for now here's the rest: STOP/DON'T

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Charles Brauer - Home & Away LP

Awhile back my friend Kyle asked me to make a digital rip of this 1982 private press LP as a favor to his uncle, who was a good friend of the musician, who has since passed away. A very homespun pastiche of traditional folk, country, and bluegrass sounds interspersed with readings of Brauer's own poems and stories. The songs have a warm and relaxed atmosphere with Brauer's guitar and vocals joined in places by a revolving group including fiddle, banjo, mandolin, string bass, and clarinet. I've found almost no information on the internet, except that he appears to have made at least 2 other very rare albums, Out in the Open (1972), and Blue Sky & Scraped Knuckles (1974). I'd love to hear those if anyone has them.

Home and Away

Friday, October 18, 2013


New links for all posts are up now, with more vinyl rips forthcoming, I promise!