Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Guilloteens - Hey You! b/w I Don't Believe

Pretty killer 1965 waxing by Memphis garage 3-piece The Guilloteens. "Hey You!" is an early Kinks-as-fuck punker, while "I Don't Believe" is a bit of tambourine-paced folk-rock with soulful harmonies.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Capitol Custom Media Music Release No. 3, Record No. 5: "World Of Technology"

Basically no info at all on this production/library music record, which I found earlier this year along with 20 or so others from the same series, in addition to a slew of unique radio promos, sound effects records, and various programming lead-ins, queues, and background spots. All long abandoned, unearthed from a warehouse and sold to me in bulk prices (maybe 20 cents per record all told) by a cheerfully disinterested individual happy to be unburdened of the wax trappings.

The sometimes anonymously-authored jams on the Capital Media Music series shift in theme from record to record, but generally flit between lite cocktail jazz, exotica, and orchestral pop, with some quirky arrangements in places. "World Of Technology" is one of my favorites of the bunch, evoking Percocet-limned images of a campy, spotless, Jetsons-style future. Compositions on this particular record are credited to Ib Glindemann.

Mechanical Fanfare

Trumpets Of Zion - Weak Situation b/w Dry Bones

So, why did I stop doing this, again?

Can't quite remember, some combination of laziness and cowardice I guess.

In any case, all the old posts have been re-upped and I'm back with a crapload of swell records to rip. First up is a gospel platter from Trumpets Of Zion on H.O.B. Records of Detroit, MI. Couldn't find a date on this label discography, but the topical references in the lyrics of "Weak Situation" seem to indicate late 60's.