Friday, January 14, 2011

Supporting Actress - An elegant tease with report

Quite an interesting band that was loosely based in Normal, IL for a short time around 1995-97 (I think) before splintering off into various other projects and pathways. I befriended a couple of the folks in the band and was impressed at the enthusiasm and creativity with which they pursued every aspect of the whole DIY lifestyle matrix thingy. Steven, the guitarist, seemed to devote every waking minute to either playing in what seemed like a million different bands and recording projects, running a cassette/record label, distributing strange little zines and self-published books, relentlessly networking (ah the days of snail mail and megalithic long distance telephone bills) and just generally trying to share and instigate community in any way possible.

This 7" has three songs that I still enjoy though to this day I have no idea what half the lyrics mean. Incredible use of a Frank Sinatra painting on the back cover! They also recorded a fine CD, which I should dig out and listen to one of these days.

Dirty fingers working in the garage
new link, sorry 'bout the fuckup


Anonymous said...


will be



will be


Anonymous said...

i can't un-rar track 3.

Mark said...

haha, that's some scary space invader shit anonymous sir!

thanks for pointing out the problem with the rar. new one coming up.

magick mike said...

mark this is seriously good shit, is there any more?

i don't know why i'm posting this as a comment instead of just walking the 20 feet to your door to ask you

S. Zydek said...

thank you for uploading this! I'm so happy that someone still remembers this 7inch. We had a "blast" making it :)

S. Zydek said...
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S. Zydek said...

let's try that again:

thought i could embed the player, but nope...

and there's more to come... :)

The_Shoegazer said...

Goddamn this is good! Thanks Mr. Zydek for the soundcloud link too!!!