Monday, September 2, 2013

Trumpets Of Zion - Weak Situation b/w Dry Bones

So, why did I stop doing this, again?

Can't quite remember, some combination of laziness and cowardice I guess.

In any case, all the old posts have been re-upped and I'm back with a crapload of swell records to rip. First up is a gospel platter from Trumpets Of Zion on H.O.B. Records of Detroit, MI. Couldn't find a date on this label discography, but the topical references in the lyrics of "Weak Situation" seem to indicate late 60's.



Jillem said...

In one word: Fantastic! An obscure gem. Even Kevin Nutt never played this.

Mark said...

Thanks Jillem! The music on your blogs has given me inestimable joy, so I'm happy to give something in return, however small. I found a couple more HOB gems recently that I'll try to post soon!